Jan Herbert

Jan is a teacher, historian and writer, specialising in early mediaeval Germany.

She has written two novels based around Byzantium.

In the closing decades of the tenth century, the child Theophano Sclerina, princess of Byzantium, survived murderous intrigues in the great palace of Constantinople, only to be sent to Rome at the age of twelve to marry Otto II, seventeen-year-old heir to the equally turbulent Ottonian Empire.

In the next eleven years the young couple together faced plots, counter-plots, rebellions, foreign invasions, catastrophic defeats and daring escapes, as well as producing four children. In 983 disaster struck when Otto died suddenly in Rome. A thousand miles away in Germany a rival claimant immediately kidnapped the baby heir, Otto III. Could his mother cross the Alps in time to find and rescue her son? Could she claim his birth-right for him?

If she succeeded, what kind of empress-regent would she make? This is the story of the fascinating woman known to her western subjects as the Empress Theophanu.

Theophanu, Empress of the West, ISBN 978-0955524400, and The Kidnapped Princess , ISBN: 978-0955524417 are available for purchase directly from Jan Herbert and also from Amazon.


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